Supply Chain Strategies

At Universal Electronics, Inc. we understand that the majority of a products cost and lead time are tied up in the raw materials used to produce that product. We have experience executing in a short lead time oversupplied market as well as in a scarcity or allocation market.

Universal Electronics procures over18,000 different part numbers from over 300 global suppliers. We have real time processes with many vendors that handle communication of demand, issuance of purchase orders and requests for quote. These processes allow for flexibility while providing reduced lead times and improved total costs.

We excel in supply chain transition management and offer many solutions to minimize any lead time or financial impact to moving your supply chain to Universal Electronics.

At Universal Electronics, Inc. we provide support and leadership of the supply chain through all of a product's phases:

  • During NPI or proto phase we offer quick lead time, minimal excess, and help with proof of concept
  • In pilot phase we utilize production-ready parts, engage suppliers on supply chain models, and negotiate contracts
  • Production phase is about execution, flexibility, lead time and cost reduction
  • During end-of-life phase we minimize excess, provide smooth product transition, work alternate parts and manage lifetime buys
  • During Reverse Logistics/Service phase, we use historical data to predict future needs that will minimize lead times and downtime for your customers

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